Very early stages of planning. Subject to change.

Organisational Structure

Deep Profits DAC [DEEP]

By JOrchard#1111

Updated proposal 23/10/21

subject to change

The idea behind this structure is to utilize the positive effects of the decentralized autonomous company, otherwise known as a DAC. This will allow us to effectively scale as the game grows.

Some benefits of this structure may include: The lack of principal-agent problem as the company is decentralized, this also means the interests of the Shareholders will remain the priority. Of which the Shareholders are simply individuals who demonstrate financial interest in DEEP, this makes any malicious activity inside the company extremely unlikely and if any were to take place, there would be a swift stop any activity(s).

Some disadvantages of this structure may include a discrepancy between reality and fanciful wishes of Shareholders, in other words, people with voting rights may be uninformed of the process of managing a business which can lead to unclear instructions for the Directors and thus the company. To combat this issue, I propose the directors and CEO of the company must always have a significant stake in the company (>5% for directors >1% for CEO) and must be educated in their respective field.

The process in which voting takes place will be as follows: A member with voting rights creates a proposal, then this will be voted upon by the entire voting members and if a majority is reached, the proposal shall be implemented.

The significant shareholders will continue to raise concerns with the directors and will vote upon directors.



The shareholders are the people who run the company, their decisions are the outcome, and they can be anyone with the ability to demonstrate financial interest in DEEP.

Shareholders have a vote on strategic decisions and the weight of their vote is down to the amount of financial interest shown.

All shareholders will have the ability to discuss topic with DEEP leadership. If shareholders feel like their wishes are not being met, they are able to remove directors from the company, given they have enough votes. They will also have the power to vote new directors in. Shareholders can express concern over other members of the company, but do not have voting power over other members, only directors.


There are two directors, the MD (managing director) and FD (financial director). There is a lot of overlap between the jobs by design. These people work closely and frequently to ensure they can strategize realistically given the finance of DEEP, if these people do not work in unison and with synergy then the company will ultimately fail unless the discord is amended. These two roles are ultimately the brains of the company. It is their collective job to listen to the shareholders, fulfil their wishes and to make sure they are implemented effectively. It is also the collective responsibility for the directors to oversee all relations with whatever parties/groups/guilds/government exist.

They will regularly talk shareholders.

Managing Director (MD) – Vacant

The MD is the strategist of the company. They will look at the business as a whole and deeply contemplate macro strategy.

The MD will not only consider the company but will deeply embed themselves in all aspects of Star Atlas, they will not overlook one factor and will consider it all to make sure DEEP is the most effective company in Star Atlas.

Financial Director (FD) – JOrchard#1111

The FD is the financial wizard of the company, they will deeply understand every inflow and outflow, they will ensure it is optimized to the greatest extent and will not leave any inefficiency in the books.

They will do the books, meaning they will create cash flow forecasts, balance sheets and income statements.

They will study the income potential and will mathematically evaluate all business opportunities.

Will oversee the development and performance of any related financial activity.

CEO - Mobius570.sol#0764

The CEO is the bridge between the Directors and the rest of the company, the Directors are concerned with the macro aspect of the company, whereas the CEO will oversee all micro projects. This will usually involve regular meetings with the squad leaders to understand how each project is preforming and if they are above/below expectations.

It is the CEO’s job to understand each squad leader, how their squad is performing and to report this to the Directors

It is also the CEO’s job to fulfil the Directors wishes by appointing certain squads for the task required.

It is also the CEO’s job to promote members to Squad Leader if they find reasoning, and to demote if they cannot perform.

Squad Leaders

These are the people who lead groups of artists/developers/gamers/traders/etc to perform certain tasks.

It is the sole responsibility of the individual Squad Leader to get results.

Squad leaders will receive applications from members of DEEP to join their respective squad.

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